Kill Me

Don't wipe your eyes. Tears remind you you're alive



So I guess “Bad Blood” will be Katy Perry’s first Grammy



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Math Teacher:*calls on me when I'm not paying attention. Asks if I know how to answer"
Me:"I'm not sure. You just-"
Teacher:*Explains how to do it*
Me:"Oh yeah! That's what I thought"

Can’t explain the love I have for this

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i know so much about shows i have never watched because of tumblr

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gangnam style came on the radio again

this sounds like a post apocalyptic diary entry

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You gave me memories that were inevitable of being remembered.
You gave me moments that were far from how the course of life normally goes.
You gave me happiness that I have never thought could be realized.
So how do I start to cry and complain?
When the only payment you asked from me was a goodbye.

Love is such a maddening word

I have to different levels of emotion towards people

1. I care about you. Usually I speak to you and laugh a lot (not because you’re that funny but because everything’s that funny)

2. I don’t care about you. Not in the sort of you can die and I won’t care way. Just you could die and I’d get over it (eventually) I don’t necessarily talk to you or look at you or acknowledge you(just kidding) but for real you’re just there and I’m on tumblr or something

And then there’s bunnies because mine just jumped into her food bag. Thats love bitch (pickles are also considered for this category)

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